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Versatile and easy to use, the boards in The Red Paddle Co Ride range are perfect for beginners and more experienced paddlers alike. These four boards are designed to offer all round performance in a wide range of conditions.

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Versatile and easy to use, the boards in The Red Paddle Co Ride range are perfect for beginners and more experienced paddlers alike. These three boards are designed to offer all round performance in a wide range of conditions.

Constructed in our exclusive high-density MSL® drop-stitch, the Ride range of boards are exceptionally durable and super-stiff at a reduced thickness. Add our patented RSS battens and that rigidity increases by almost a third.

The high-traction deckpad provides a secure footing in all conditions, three super-soft handles make carrying comfortable and the adjustable cargo system adapts to most payloads.


  • If you’re looking for a versatile board that will perform in all conditions, then look no further than the 10’0’’ Ride MSL
  • The perfect inflatable SUP for smaller riders, this board is designed for all-round use
  • As the smallest of the Ride family, the 10’0” is well-suited to lighter riders under 75kg/165lbs


  • The multi-award-winning Ride 10’6” MSL is our popular and versatile board that will see you right in all conditions
  • The 10’6″ MSL Ride is well suited to a variety of riders under 95Kgs/209lbs


  • For an inflatable paddle board that offers super stability and performance, look no further than our 10’8″ Ride
  • With all the same qualities as our other Ride boards, you’ll appreciate the extra stability that comes from its increased volume, especially if you are a slightly larger rider or have a passenger on board
  • The Ride 10’8 comes as a complete package including a coiled leash and paddle

The Red Paddle Co Ride Boards come equipped with a Titan II pump, repair kit, phone case, in the Red ATB Backpack.



  • Secure, inbuilt, marine grade stainless steel D-ring to firmly attach your leash


  • Makes inflation and deflation quick and easy


  • Diamond cut, rear section provides greater grip while turning


  • Super grippy ‘Red’ embossed EVA deckpad to stop deck from becoming slippy


  • Soft touch, tubular handle with embroidered logo for comfort while carrying


  • Six-point bungee system for easy and secure storage


  • Allows you to easily pull the board out of the water or surf


Size Volume Width Length Thickness Weight Fins User Weight Paddle Options Description
RIDE 10’0″ 108 l 29″ / 737 mm 10’0″ / 304.8 cm 4″ / 100 mm 9.1 kg / 20 lb Moulded Twin iFin System up to 95 kg / 210 lb Cruiser Tough Green

Hybrid Tough


The latest addition to our Ride range, the 10’0″ Ride MSL is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a versatile board that will perform well in all conditions.
RIDE 10’6″ 245 l 32″ / 813 mm 10’6″ / 323.08 cm 4.7″ / 120 mm 11.1 kg / 21.89 lb Moulded Twin iFin System up to 100 kg / 220 lb Hybrid Tough


As far as we’re concerned, this is our go to board! It’s the ideal combination of stability, manoeuvrability, and tracking, making this the perfect board for anyone to jump on and learn how to paddle.


MSL: The Difference Is In The Detail

Our exclusively-owned MSL Fusion technology provides unrivalled stiffness, weight-saving stability and a superb cosmetic finish. Together, with our patented RSS stiffening system, we make the most durable inflatable boards on the market.

MSL is recognised as the industry’s leading construction process and is exclusive to Red Paddle Co, here’s why…

  • A SUPERB COSMETIC FINISH – All Red Paddle Co boards have an industry-leading cosmetic finish. No wrinkles or blemishes. The boards look cleaner and smoother and even feel better to the touch.
  • WEIGHT-SAVING BUT STABLE – All Red Paddle Co boards are up to 2kgs lighter than our previous double layer construction. But very importantly they are not too light. If a board is ultra-light it is more affected by wind and current while on the water. MSL boards have a reassuring lightweight feel.
  • STIFF AT LOWER PRESSURES – Due to the Torsion Stiffness effect all Red Paddle Co boards are stiffer at lower pressures compared to other products on the market. We recommend a pressure of between 16-22psi. Less pumping and more paddling.
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY – The multiple-layer coating of Red Paddle Co boards is tough and durable. With our third generation of MSL material now in use, our boards are more durable than ever.



  • Our ATB inflatable paddle board backpack has a large 160 litre internal capacity with plenty of room for kit
  • The storage compartment means the ATB is great for those looking to use the bag during a variety of activities
  • The ATB is even more comfortable to carry with the addition of adjustable ergonomic support for your back and shoulders
  • Paddles now comfortably pack away to the velcro securing system and the blade is safely stored in the interior blade pocket
  • A large outer zip pocket means any essentials can be quickly stored and are easily accessible at any point
  • Can be packed securely away and easily accessible


  • The Titan 2 Pump is the world’s first purpose-built, double chamber SUP pump
  • It’s designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half


  • Waterproof phone case



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